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About Us

Welcome to the Tribe! 🍇🍯

Hi I'm Lili, the designer and artist that is Wattle Woman. This is my headquarters, blog and shop. ☮ I'm an Australian Artist and Pug Mumma who has a thing for making one-of-a-kind earrings in my studio. 

Wattle Woman begun in 2019 in my small studio, located in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia (maybe you've heard of our Softdrinks...or Bundy Rum!).

I am inspired heavily by the context of my life, more specifically the beautiful outback to which I live. The nature of Australia, native flowers and wildlife play a large part in my life and therefore my artworks. I feel a very strong connection to the Land that is Australia, the Ocean that surrounds us, and to the sky above. It inspires me to create beautiful things. I feel the most comfort when I'm lost in the bush along the coast of the crashing ocean, with my best friend and long-term parter Morgan, walking our sassy pug named Pickles.

Additionally, I am deeply inspired and creatively influenced by the Indigenous Australians culture, way of life and their symbolism, respectively. 🌿💛 

I am of Aboriginal descent myself, although upon self reflection I have come to accept and feel comfortable stating that I do not come from an Indigenous Australian culture (which is defined as the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.) 🌿💛  

Alike all too many descendants of the First Nations Peoples in this day and age, unfortunately my family too fell victim to the loss of Aboriginal culture, knowledge, language and the way of life that my ancestors had intended me to live. 🌿💛  
I am saddened that I wasn't able to experience this way of life first hand, although I don't dwell on that feeling as I am very grateful for this life and the blessings I have recieved so far. I have been on a very spiritual and personal ongoing journey to find my roots and explore my Indigenous heritage and culture I belong to. 🌿💛 

The culture in which I grew up was Australian culture. Hot weekends skating with my friends to secret beaches at Bargara kinda culture. We'd buy a whole watermelon and eat it in our bikinis in the woolies car park then go down to Neilson's beach park and walk the turtle track there, collecting native flowers to press.  

In short, I belonged to the wild. Growing up on the Eastern coast of Queensland was a fitting environment for my creative juices to flow.  I was known for running loose outdoors with my camera, paints, ukulele and skateboard. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been all rainbows and unicorns though. I have had my own string of personal and medical obstacles in my life to hurdle, which have influenced my life greatly and shaped me into the person I am now and to that I am grateful. 

In the same way the stars align, I have been given this time in my life to choose who I want to be, what I'm going to do and how I'm going to live.  I'm 19, I love to create and paint and so I'm just gonna roll with that. 🍃 - Love Lil.

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Cha Cha Chocolate
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Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery
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Childers Art Space
72 Churchill Street, Childers Qld  

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