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Shine • First Nations Art
Shine • First Nations Art

Shine • First Nations Art

Wattle Woman
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This collection features a variety of bright colours including pinks, orange, purple, blues and yellows intuitively inspirited and everlasting. Wear my interpretation of nature's harmony, inspired by the Lands, Sky and Waters surrounding Bargara Beaches. 

Please see the photos to gauge real-life size. 

Made in Wattle Woman studios in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.

100% Authentic First Nations Artwork
100% Ethical & Sustainably sources First Nations Art
100% Hand made and sculpted 

Artwork Story  

One that embodies beauty entirety of Land, Sea, Sky. Taking inspiration from the areas of Bargara Beach and the rock pools specifically to create this collection. I admire and incorporate the forms of the ocean, the millions of shapes, textures, and colours coexisting together so harmoniously and righteous. These earrings feature gold foil representing the shine of the sun on the water surface. Some designs include gold flowers or leaves, stars and butterflies, which is an expression of my interpretation of the harmonious relationship between nature. When I view this relationship, I am reminded of the Universal Truth taught to me that Our Earth's nature is an ancient, sacred Land before it is our home. It has been here long before we have and it will regenerate in a harmonious relationship with all living beings long after we are gone. 

I believe the way to see the true beauty on this planet, is to listen and look carefully and learn from all that is around you, submerged deep in the bush. Take a moment on your next day off from your busy lives, and go for a bushwalk, down to the turtle track. Don't take earphones and definitely do not take your phone. Simply go walkabout, calm your mind from your human problems and take a moment to listen, carefully to the harmony that is around you.  I choose to see life in the true colours every rock, leaf, bird, fish, coral, bug, human and beings emit spiritually. This is why my interpretation is full of colour.

Please wear the earrings in this collection with this message in mind. Acknowledge the Earth, remember Her when you go about your day and try to attune your eye, mind and spirit to the true harmony around you. - Lili

The Artist

My name is Lili Jacobsen, but I am better known locally in my hometown of Bundaberg as Wattle Woman.  I am a First Nations Person of the Gubbi Gubbi region living on Taribelang, Bailai, Gurang and Gooreng Gooreng country.

I am an artist and for the past three years, I have specialised in polymer clay earrings. I take inspiration from the beauty and power of the Australian Flora and Fauna and also my Indigenous Australian heritage when creating my work.

Each pair that I create, holds a piece of my spirit, energy and story within them which makes all my handcrafted earrings uniquely special and precious.


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This pair of earrings is made of polymer clay with gold leaf foil incorporated into some pairs. The posts are made of surgical grade stainless steel we also use the same material for our ear nuts and jump rings. Or gold plates hoops, hooks or stud tops in dangles are used. Please see the Care Instructions page at the bottom of this website.