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Milbi Dreaming Stone Workshop


What a wonderful Wattle weekend it has been 🌼 Our Milbi Dreaming Stone Painting workshop was a hit! 

I taught the kids the significance of Dreaming Stones in First Nations Peoples culture, we discussed acknowledgment of Country and respect. From which they were incredibly well educated and this impressed me and made me proud! ✌🏼

We then learnt the nature story and depicted our own versions of the journey of the Milbi to our Mon Repos beach in a dot painting on Clay Ornaments, finished with a ribbon! 🐢✨

I have so much love and appreciation for our youth of the Bundaberg region. They are such an awesome generation who are respectful and willing to learn about the world around them.

Teaching them was such an honour and very fulfilling. These kids are so well-educated about respect, culture and the Mon Repos Turtles! 🐢

I think it’s great that their schools take them on excursions to the turtle centre. We all need to learn about our local, Land, Sea, Sky and Creatures among Country. 🌊🌼

Here is the Step-by-Step design sheets I created for the workshop! Please feel free to print and use them with your kids. 

The kids loved the experience, I found the boys especially. We ran four workshops of 10 kids each over two weekends at the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery. Big thanks to all my helpers, I couldn’t have done it without you! 

Some kids finished early and wanted to do some painting with me!

It was overall such a lovely event every time for both the kids and myself. My heart was so full when they had me sign their ornaments Wattle Woman on the back. 🌼 Can’t wait to see them again. 

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