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Lili's Journey


Lili Jacobsen is a contemporary First Nations artist living on Bailai, Gurang, Gooreng Gooreng and Taribelang Bunda Country. 

Her goal here at Wattle Woman is to inspire people to open their eyes to a beautiful multiculturally inclusive Australia with her artwork. Lili's unique blend of Aussie native Flora & Fauna and First Nations cultural designs aims to convey this message. She want you to proudly wear her First Nations art and culture as a badge of modern Australian pride.

"I am inspired heavily by the context of my life. I feel a very strong connection to the Land I stand on, the ocean that surrounds me, to the sky above and all life in it. Country inspires me, speaks to me and my ancestors spirit guides me to create. This is an incredibly spiritual and healing experience every time I work on a piece which is why all my work has such rich significance and I think that can be felt by the viewer."

Lili is a proud Gubbi Gubbi and Torres Strait Islander descendant who come from a lineage of painters, crabbers and fishermen. Her artworks are her own interpretations of life and does not paint Dreaming stories she is not a Custodian of. 


Lili's Art: A Spiritual Process


"I have been on a very spiritual and personal ongoing journey to find my roots and to explore my Indigenous heritage and culture with my Ancestors guiding me on my way. I continuously explore this as it is an integral part of my identity, to which for the entirety of my childhood left me feeling empty, lonely and just different than my peers."

Lili comes from a lineage of painters as you can see below, her Uncle Kelvin's artwork was a massive motivater for her to keep improving her craft. 

"My journey to get to where I am now has been a rocky one. No matter what was going on in my life growing up, I was constantly called to connect with Country and creative expression by my ancestors. I know they've got my back because when life got really hard, I heard their call and I made sure to make them proud, so I kept creating."


Lili Jacobsen Journey Wattle Woman


Lili uses polymer clay to create handmade and unique earrings and her framed slabs. 

"What I love about my slabs is that they are full of detail, colour and vibrancy that brings the stories depicted in them to life! The slabs are uniquely raw, a connection to my creative spirit as you can clearly see every imperfection, every fingerprint and every second of time spent to create the piece.

From these slabs, I usually cut them up to create earrings that would be sold in a collection. The difference when purchasing one of my slabs is that instead of having one piece of wearable artwork, you will be able to cherish the whole one-of-a-kind slab in its entirety."

She also creates paintings with acrylic on canvas that will be available for sale in early 2023. 

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