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Taking care of a Pickle

Just a short one.... I just wanted you to meet my baby gooorlll, Pickles. 🥒

She is a sassy Pugalier (3/4 pug + 1/4 Cavalier) who loves chicken treats, doing zoomies after a wash and nibbling on ears. 

I feel so blessed that I have this beautiful little light in my life...this has been a really difficult year for me personally and Pickles just being here, someone to take care of, has really helped me cope through this difficult year.

When I walk Pickles, I walk myself. When I feed her, I remember to feed myself. When I wash and take care of her needs, I remember to do the same for myself. When we cuddle and play, she is giving me love too. 

So I say thank you to Picks, thanks for reminding me how to take care of myself again. 🥒


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