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Appreciating the Little Things in Life

Hi there Tidda (sister)! 

If you’re new to the Wattle Woman tribe or a returning customer welcome! We are so glad you have you here! 🌿

I know I have been a little MIA recently as I have been studying Occupational Therapy at USC, moved houses 3 times and recently adopted a little girl names Pickles! 🐶

I hope that you can kindly understand that like many others, COVID-19 has affected us at Wattle Woman which is why we thought we’d take our time to grab the reigns again! ❣️

I hope you’re all staying safe and taking care of yourselves and your families. 🌞

The sun will shine again, we will be able to walk unrestricted outside one day and why not prepare to be your most fabulous now! 


Thank you all so much for visiting our website and supporting us here at Wattle Woman. Happy shopping while stock lasts! 🤩