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Buy from the Bush changed my Life!

In early January of 2020, I officially launched my website. I had so many requests from women throughout Australia that wanted to purchase my earrings online, especially from rural communities. The whole process of developing a website was a huge learning curve for me, and I am so lucky to have a mum that is a graphic designer who does all my branding, marketing and printing. She has always been so patient with me as far as the direction I want to go with, and I am just so blessed to have such influential women supporting me in my professional life. 

Shortly after I launched my website, I contacted an Instagram page called "Buy from the Bush' that showcases and features businesses in rural communities that have been impacted by natural disasters such as flood, fire and drought. On the 28th of January, 2020, at 7am, they shared my Instagram page, and my life changed forever. 


I was at my day job, that Tuesday morning at the exact time they shared my page, making coffees from my favourite regulars when I got a text from my mum saying "Don't freak out, but you have just sold 18 pairs of earrings in 10mins, I don't know what is happening, call me!". 

I saw the message on my break 30mins later, and when I called her I had nearly sold every pair of earrings I had online! 

The next 24hrs is, to be honest, a little blurry, all I remember is taking photos, loading products, and packing over 100 orders. I had sold all my stock over 200 pairs within a 24hr period. 

What I didn't expect to come were the messages. The messages of support, messages of the disappointment of missing out, messages of requests, messages for interviews, but mostly messages from women of all ages thanking me for inspiring them. 

When Buy from the Bush shared my page, I was literally in the middle of packing my life and moving to the Sunshine Coast to start my degree in Occupational Therapy. To describe that day in emotions is very difficult it was amazing, exciting, thrilling, overwhelming, incredible, shocking, empowering and lucky but it also came with opposite emotions such as pressure, expectations and self-doubt. 

My mum has had her own business for the past 20 years, and once the dust settled, she sat me down and said, "Your Tribe will wait. They love your products because each pair is a part of you. All woman understand that the timing in life is everything, and they will wait until it is just right for you.". My mum is a wise woman!

So I packed my clay and concentrated on my move to the Sunshine Coast. Over the next couple of weeks, my mum took control of the requests and messages so I could get settled into my new home and studio.

I was so excited to receive an offer from daytime show "Studio 10" to feature my business during the "Buy from the Bush" segment. To be promoted on such a show, I was truly humbled. It was a definitely a very proud moment for my little business!


So to say the past few months have been a little crazy would be a total f*#$king understatement! But I know I would not be here at this moment without the shout out from "Buy from the Bush". It just goes to show when people support the little guys they can grow to the bigs guys overnight! 

So get behind this awesome page and show your support! https://www.facebook.com/buyfromthebush/

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