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Complimenting Women at UQ in St. Lucia

Today I had the honour of meeting these 7 beautiful women. Wattle Woman took to the paths of UQ at St. Lucia in Brisbane to share my creations and a little bit of love with my new city.

I asked 7 strangers to choose a pair of my earrings from the Flow collection to wear, then I told them how beautiful they looked today. I found it fascinating how differently every woman reacts to the compliment I gave them. 

Women of all walks of life and circumstance, a physics professor, an Italian criminology student, an American woman who fell off of her bike 10 minutes before I approached her. 

The meaning of the Flow collection, I explained to them, is that we all have our own patterns and unique individual markings from life. Just like every single leaf you will find; our lived experience is our own and no two are the same but through these experiences we can relate to each other and connect on the deepest of levels. 

Is that not the beauty of humanity?

Know yourself, go with your ebbs and flows. Be kind to yourself and others. Don’t be afraid to be outspoken or to give a simple compliment, you never know whose day you just might make worth it or what burdens they are carrying.

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