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The Wattle Tribe grew at the Eumundi Markets on the Sunshine Coast

Wattle Woman at Eumundi Markets


Travelling around Queensland to sell my art and earrings at funky markets has been a dream of mine recently. Nothing sounds better than spending a weekend away in a new part of Country, exploring the scenery, meeting new people and sharing my art with a new audience! 

I travelled to the Sunshine Coast to be a stallholder for the first time at The Original Eumundi Markets. This amazing artisan market was massive and full of stallholders who sell products that they either Make it, Bake it, Sew it or Grow it. There were so many delicious smells in the air like fresh pastries, doughnuts and poffertjes and first batch coffee. I saw so many different stalls from handmade soaps and eco friendly washing detergent to beautiful amber and crystal jewellery to leather made and home wear goods. You could totally make a day of roaming around this gorgeous old railway turned alternative market destination.

I did well at the market, I sold a beautiful small blue Indigenous style painting about Mon Repos and some earrings as well. I found that a lot of people took my card and gave me a follow online. A lot of people there seemed loyal to their locals which is awesome to see! I could tell a lot of them came to the markets for specific stalls, as they know they would be there. The market is on Wednesdays 8 am – 2 pm and Saturdays 7 am – 2pm, rain, hail or shine.

At the end of the day, a market representative came to meet me and was impressed with my stall and products. I told her I’m from Bundaberg and I have started travelling for markets as well as workshops and this peaked her interest. She explained that their crew would like to bring more arty people to the Eumundi Markets through hosting creative workshops and fun events as it raises more revenue for potentially all stallholders. I was so excited to be offered to collaborate together to host a workshop for Mother’s Day 2023 which at the time, was only two weeks exactly away!

This great opportunity presented itself in front of me, how could I not take it? So over the next two weeks, we made the tickets live, shared it around as much as we could and mixed clay colours in preparation for the earring making workshop! I travelled back down to Sunny Coast from Bundaberg to deliver my first workshop with the Eumundi Markets which turned out to be a beautiful morning with some incredible and funny women. Welcoming new sisters to the Wattle Tribe is always so wholesome and connecting with people in person is amazing as we just create together, we yarn and have real conversations.

The whole experience was a great opportunity with many learning lessons along the way. I am so happy to connect with the brilliant staff at The Original Eumundi Markets and I can’t wait to host workshops with them in the near future so that I can continue to meet new people, share my skills with them and we can grow our Wattle Tribe.

If you’d like me to host a workshop with you in Queensland, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me by email at wattlewoman@gmail.com to discuss this further. 

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