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The Day Wattle Woman was Born

Hi let me introduce myself, my name is Lili Jacobsen, I am 18 years old, my hometown is in Bundaberg Queensland, and my business name is Wattle Woman.

I chose the name "Wattle Woman" because we have a Wattle Tree in my backyard and it is my mums favourite flower, she gets so excited each year when it blooms, and the bees come.

I started making Polymer Clay earrings in July 2019 as I have always loved to create, paint and draw. I have suffered anxiety during times in my life and creating things with my hands helps me calm my mind during tricky times.

My designs are inspired by Australian Culture and the environment that I live in, many of my earrings feature native flowers and wildlife as well as telling Indigenous stories relating to my Culture, heritage and family. My Indigenous designs have been such a popular collection; they are all hand-painted and are unique pieces; every pair is like wearing a mini artwork on your ears!

My floral designs which are also very popular are all hand textured and can take up to 15hours per design to make. I started my business at a local market that was for young creators, at the Bundaberg Regional Arts Gallery, where there were only eight stallholders. At this market, I hoped to sell 10pairs, but after 3hours, I had sold over 200pairs.

I then started selling my pieces in my Aunty Chocolate Shop (I know right, so lucky) at Cha Cha Chocolate, who is now my biggest retail seller and also a supporter. I launched my website about two months after this market as I had so many requests from customers who wanted to buy my earrings that lived outside of Bundaberg, especially in remote rural cities.

My home town of Bundaberg has the best of both worlds, beautiful beaches including Mon Repos where turtles come to visit each year to nest and lay their eggs as well amazing farmlands growing Sugarcane and Macadamias. All aspects of my town inspire me daily, even the Burnett River that runs through the heart of the city, it truly is a beautiful place to live.

The thing I love most about my hometown is the community and the people; we all have an ability to all come together and help out when it is needed. We have been affected by terrible natural disasters here in Bundaberg, including a flood that destroyed a significant part of our community in 2013. As a child of only 11, I remember how terrifying it was to hear the water flowing down the river. But all I wanted to do was help any way a small child could to help the people that needed it the most.

When I saw the bushfires burning throughout Australia, I wanted to help again. Because of my Indigenous background, I am passionate about the wellbeing of the animals, it broke my heart to see the little creatures of this Country burnt and injured, and that is why I created a collection that I am donating 100% of sales to WIRES Wildlife. They do incredible things to help Australian Animals, that is why I choose this charity to support during this terrible time. This collection allowed me to raise $740 for WIRES which I was proud to donate, thanks to my supportive tribe.

In such a short period, my little "hobby" became a full-time job! I recently moved my studio to the beautiful Sunshine Coast to start my degree in Occupational Therapy. This beautiful city is my new home for the next four years, and I am lucky enough to have a nature park just outside my bedroom window that inspires me every day. So now that I am finally getting settled into my new home, I am excited to start creating different designs and also go to more markets so I can meet all my tribe members.

I want my brand to inspire woman of all ages and walks of life to embrace their identity. I have seen with my own eyes how the woman of all ages can feel part of a collective group when they recognise my earrings. I always officially welcome new customers on my Instagram page and refer to them as being part of the "Tribe" because I want everyone to feel more connected and part of a unique family.

So welcome to the Tribe! šŸ’› Lili - Wattle Woman šŸŒæ


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