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Collection: Kippa

There is a sacred beauty in the small things that is often overlooked. For me, it is found in the meditative art of painting using repetitive patterns and dotting techniques. Each tiny circle, or "kippa" in the Gubbi Gubbi language, represents a small but meaningful contribution to a greater whole.

As I create these intricate designs, I am filled with a sense of spiritual solace that nourishes my mind, heart, and soul. Through this practice, I am able to connect with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning, and find a profound healing energy that restores and renews my being. Truly, this art form is a sacred and transformative experience for me.

This collection of earrings holds a special significance for me, as it has been created during a time of personal growth and transformation. The energy associated with this collection is deeply rooted in my experiences, including winning my first professional art competition and connecting more with my indigenous family.

Through this creative process, I have been able to tap into a greater sense of spiritual and personal development, using the meditative practice of dotting to channel my emotions and experiences into each individual piece. As a result, each earring carries with it a unique and powerful energy, infused with the essence of my journey and personal growth.

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