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Unveiling Bundaberg Tourism's New Uniform Design

Wattle Woman Bundaberg Tourism Shirt Design



Wunya, Wattle Tribe!

I am thrilled to share a very special project that I have been working on in collaboration with Bundaberg Tourism for the past couple of months. Recently, we launched the brand-new uniform design for the Tourism Information Centre staff.

I had the privilege of designing this shirt and this project holds great significance for me as it marks my first venture into corporate artwork and fabric design. Designing this artwork for my hometown of Bundaberg fills me with immense satisfaction, as it allows me to proudly represent my region and extend a warm welcome to visitors.

The process of creating this shirt has been an incredible journey, carefully considering each element of the design to strike a harmonious balance between professionalism and enthusiasm. Our community is renowned for its creativity, vibrancy, and deep appreciation of nature, particularly of our beloved beaches and the Southern Great Barrier Reef, which is home to magnificent sea creatures like the Mon Repos Turtles.

The shirt design beautifully captures these values, featuring a prominent turtle nestled among its eggs displayed prominently on both the front and back. A yellow sash adorns the shoulder, symbolizing the East Australian Coastline, while a colourful Indigenous pattern represents the inspiring Southern Great Barrier Reef. The incorporation of traveling water symbols further signifies the incredible journey undertaken by the turtles to return to our wonderful region and Mon Repos Beach each year.

The left sleeve also showcases an Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander armband, this pattern symbolising the unity and diversity of our multicultural community. Paired with the information visitor centre logo, this inclusion fosters a sense of pride among the wearers of the shirt, promoting an environment of inclusivity, equality, and passion for our region.

The staff members of the Bundaberg Tourism Visitor Centre will now have the privilege of wearing this creative uniform that not only showcases our region but also embodies the warmth, hospitality, and unique allure that defines Bundaberg as a one-of-a-kind destination.

I am also excited to announce that I am now accepting new enquiries for corporate projects. If you are interested in exploring my services further or would like to get in touch, please visit the Corporate Enquiries page on my website. There, you will find additional information and samples of previous corporate projects. I look forward to collaborating with you on your next creative project.


Wattle Woman and Bundaberg Tourism Shirt Design


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  • Wow, so deadly Lil! I love how the colours turned out.


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