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Lighting the Spark at Kepnock High

Wattle Woman Kepnock School First Nations Students Mentoring

I joined these First Nations youth at Kepnock State High School and spoke about my journey as a local young entrepreneur and my products. Being only 4 years out of school, having a rocky childhood and being a bit of a bubbly girl.

 helped me to relate to these kids a lot. They could see I was passionate, real and rawly honest about everything I said and that definitely resonated with them.

I hope everyone could take something away or be inspired by the people in this program. The kids have had a wonderful opportunity to understand the skills involved to develop their own product and create a business. 

The best part was that all business ideas centred around their First Nations identity, culture, symbolism and art, respectively. I wish I had this sort of opportunity in Kepnock State High School , thank you for making Bundaberg a better place for these First Nations kids! Other schools need to implement and create more opportunities for their students.

I told these kids, you need to seize every opportunity, be grateful and you will reach what success means to you. 

It was awesome to be apart of this programme and to meet everyone individually. I see great changes coming in the future for Australia with our youth, specifically our First Nations youth.

I am keen to be working with the kids, lovely staff and school in the future.


They Wrote

Lighting the Spark Day 3 and 4 workshops– our First Nation students are creating business models, prototypes, pitch events, validation and preparing for October market night. We were inspired by ‘Wattle Woman’ Lili Jacobsen, a local indigenous female entrepreneur, and her journey in to business. Peter Brockhurst, Taribelang Aboriginal Corporation, provides innovative mentoring to our youths. We were joined by educators in our community at a Young Change Agents information session led with Aruna and Shelene. Brad Marsellos, ABC Widebay, also turned up to interview our emerging business leaders. Huge shout out to all involved in Lighting the Spark Entrepreneurial Capability Programme especially our KSHS educators Mr Collins, Mr Currie, Mrs Hill and Mrs Amey.

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