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New Mural and Sports Shirts for Gin Gin School!

Wunya Wattle Tribe!

Check out this new Wall Mural and also the 3 School Mascots I completed for Bundaberg Gin Gin Primary School!

I have designed the three Mascots as main features of this Mural design which highlight the Animal and the Island allocated to them, surrounded by the tracks of the animal and other Indigenous symbols and icons.

The bright colours of the House colours, green, blue and red contrast with and compliment the bright yellow used to represent the Three Rivers on Country here. The two rivers travel towards the Meeting Place symbol vertically and the third river is viewed horizontally, creating a cohesive and balanced design.

Using these basic prime colours with the classic addition of black and white create the perfect atmosphere intended for the target demographic of audience interacting with this artwork. The white highlights the House names and islands, as well as ties in the School Logo.  

The Meeting Place symbol is placed in the bottom centre of the mural, connecting all Houses, Rivers and symbolising the message of Meeting Place, camp, home, connectivity, oneness and community spirit. I have created and placed this symbol in the shape of a rainbow at the bottom for the kids to stand in the middle of it for a photo opportunity over the years of their Primary Education.

This design encompasses the elements that were requested in the Artist Brief which included the Three Mascots redesigned, The Three Rivers, Traditional Language and Logo.

 Too deadly hey!

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