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Collection: Chocolate Easter Eggs

I'm working in my Aunties' chocolate shop over Easter as it gets crazy busy around this time of course... I create beautiful hampers and baskets daily with her, balancing chocolate bunnies, eggs and carrots harmoniously on top of each other is a challenging task! It is so fun though and rewarding once you see all your handmade Easter gifts finished with a bow, almost glistening in the store. Ready for the right person to come along and select for their loved ones as a gift. It is very wholesome. 

My creative juices flow everywhere I go. Haha, that rhymed. Anyway, can't have Easter without the eggs (in the chocolate shop of course) so here is a small limited edition of handmade chocolate Easter egg Earrings made by yours truly.

Note: Please don't let kids ahold of these ones....

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